Design Brief Questionnaire

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When someone asks you what you do or what your business is, what do you tell them in 10 words or less?
Who is buying your product/service? How old is this person? What do they like to do for fun? The more detailed the description the better. Keep in mind, your clientele might be a broad range of individuals but your target market is referring to the specific demographic you're aiming to reach every day.
Who is your local competition? What about broader location demographics?
How do you want clients to feel when their service is done or when they bring your product home?
Do you have a business plan? What are the major milestones in that plan?
This could be any brand, fashion, food, sports or otherwise. You an talk about the fonts, colours or overall look and feel of the imagery they use in their marketing pieces.
What words would you use to describe your brand to others? What words will guide you in decision making for your brand?